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The Trust Factor

When you start with a new stylist, it can be an exciting and scary adventure. Sometimes you'll feel confident right off the bat and other times maybe it'll take a few sessions. There are several main things to look out for. The most important part of your visit is undoubtably the consultation! If they skimp here, you may be in for something you regret. Be sure enough time is spent discovering your true needs and expectations. Also, be sure they understand your texture and what it will and will not do. Creating something that works with your texture and not against it is a big step in the right direction. When you're confident that both parties are on the same page, go for it. Here's a list of some questions that should be considered when trying something new whether it's the "style" or the "stylist".

  1. Are you looking for a change today? If so, what brought you to this decision?

  2. Do you enjoy using products? If so what kind?

  3. How much time is realistic for you to spend on your hair?

  4. How often are you willing to come in for maintenance?

  5. What bothers you about your hair?

  6. What do you like the most about your hair?

  7. Where does the length start to feel too short for you?

  8. Are you wanting to change anything with the texture? smoother, shinier, fuller etc?

  9. Tell me about your personality and style.

  10. Do you tend to like things classic or a bit trendy?

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