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Hairdevil (being a daredevil with your hairstyle)

Now seems like a great time to play with some new ideas. As most of us are stuck at home during COVID-19, we find that there may be a little extra time on our hands to fill. The new "feel" in hair is a lived-in vibe. Touchable, easy and loose describe how styles look nowadays. This is accomplished by actually doing less to the hair with the right products. You can give your texture wave by twisting big sections and then letting them air dry. Another thought if you have some length is braiding when it's damp and letting it dry from there. After it's dry, shake it out and you have soft waves like a princess. If you have a straighter hair, try using a texture or surf style spray to give yourself some grip and volume. Power dry the hair without a brush then finish off with a light defining creme on the ends. You'll have the ultimate tousled loose look. Frizz a problem? Be sure you work in a calming creme before and after you style. But again, less is more especially for textures that want to get frizzy. Try a few of these techniques while you have the time and see that doing less can actually give you something more desirable.

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