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Trends come and go but suitability never fails. Each style created is as unique as the individual. Current styles have an effortless look and feel. Your new style will compliment your best features and leave you feeling beautiful and confident inside and out!

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Ever get to the end of that frustrating styling session at home and think...seriously...this is what I get for 30 minutes of shoulder burn and sweat?! Well, here's a thought. How about a warm massaging shampoo and luxury haircare treatment followed up by the most perfect blowout that'll last for days! You deserve it!

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Gloss + Blowout               95+

Gloss + Cut                       150+

Base + Blowout               160+

Base + Cut                         210+

Balayage add on              85+

Color is the personality of your new cut. It can shout to the world or be calm and tranquil. Each shade is customized to perfectly enhance your complexion and illuminate your eyes! 

Gloss : high shine + tone changes

Base Color : cover gray or make a more radical color change in a single process

Base + Hlts : create the ultimate color with the perfect blend of hand painted hits and customized base color 

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Balayage + Blowout               $225+

Balayage + Cut                         $275+

Originating in France, it's absolutely the most modern approach to coloring hair. Artistic in feel, seamless in flow. Color reflects the personality of your style. should make others want it on their head! With this free-hand painting technique, the perfect blend of tones will be added to your color making it seem as if mother nature did the work herself!

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