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But I'm nice!

Do you ever feel like your experience is lacking, but the person is nice? That's great and all, but you go home and live with your hair for the next 4-8 weeks. Does it style easily? Are you in love with it? Does it make you feel confident and fresh? Don't get me wrong, its great to have someone friendly doing your hair. But ultimately, you need to feel amazing about what you pay for and its imperative that it works for your needs after you walk out the door.

If your experience looks like, "what do you want to do today" without any genuine input from the stylist, well... just saying. Can they offer you vision? Better yet, can they tell you why the vision they are suggesting is for you? Or is it a shot in the dark with crossed fingers and hope it works out! I see many new people monthly. Each person gets a super thorough consult backed up with exactly why I chose my suggestions, what is needed to maintain the look with salon visits and hair care. That's all wrapped around a combination of what they desire and what's reality for their hair texture to accomplish with minimal effort at home. I want them to have something they can easily handle and enjoy when they leave.

All the details are why this vision becomes perfect for you. How you walk, your age, what you dress like, body structure, neck length, head shape and size. There are so many many things to consider as funny as some may sound. Being nice is a good trait but it doesn't make magic happen for what you see in the mirror. Finding someone with a great eye and experience has no replacement. Be assured that noticing the details will prove to be your best asset when delivering a personal and amazing new style for you!

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