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Dry shampoo-which one is right for me?

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

These are favs across the board for anyone looking to transform their locks from blah to bling without the whole shower routine. Some are made to remove dirts and oils from your hair and some are actually designed to build in more texture. How do you know what to grab at the salon? If you find yourself starring at a sea of choices, consider this. Do you want to add or take away volume? Does your hair do better clean or dirty? Do you like to wash and style daily or stretch it out? How about your natural texture? Is it smooth, course, skinny, shiny? Finally, your stylist is you best guide as they should understand your texture and what it responds to.

Dry shampoos that add texture, density and volume are the best if you live by bigger is better. Also, if you find yourself styling your hair in lots of different ways, the added grip factor is a real benefit. If you find that dirtier and lived-in texture is more your vibe, then spray away and rock on another day.

Dry shampoos that are designed to clean hair are best if you value that soft and smooth feel. Oily scalps are a great candidate for this type of dry shampoo. Spray throughout your locks to give yourself that fresh, non-product feel in the texture. Some actually add a conditioning benefit so if you find that you battle dryness, then look for the ones that are made to condition as well. Usually this applies more to the mid length and ends because they have seen more wear and tear.

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